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Zyna is a global executive search firm that works across all sectors to place the most diverse, dynamic and skilled talent into senior leadership positions.

Traditional approaches to executive hiring are not driving Black or ethnically diverse representation in boardrooms and leadership teams, nor are they encouraging social mobility. Hiring executives still reach for their ‘Black-book’ – or is it in fact a ‘White-book’ – to recruit.

At Zyna, we specialise in placing Black and ethnically diverse talent into these roles and we work closely with clients to understand their business needs and deliver a seamless executive search process. This is why we developed the Whyte-book.


The WhyteBook is our network that offers access to diverse executive talent, who may not be on our clients’ radar and could be open to strategic opportunities. Equally, they may be on our clients radar, but do they know how to successfully engage with diverse executive talent.

We work at a global level, so the WhyteBook spans across multiple sectors, disciplines and geographical locations. Over the years we have invested in continuous engagement with Black as well as ethnically and socio-economically diverse talent, sharing successes, addressing issues and learning.

As a result, our clients are able to engage with a broader pool of candidates.

Talent management and succession planning

The best and most forward-thinking organisations understand that it is essential to have an integrated talent management strategy. If firms want to have a diverse pipeline, then they need to ensure the talent is integrated within their workforce. A recent study by the CIPD found that among the FTSE 100 companies, while the majority show evidence of investment in diversity and inclusion, just one in five actually report on the ethnic breakdown of their workforce, which suggests we’re far from being representative. Recruiting diverse talent requires more than just desire or instructing head-hunters to ‘source Black candidates’. At Zyna, our Whyte-book enables us to offer a bespoke and highly diverse talent pool that can help clients manage risk, fill vacancies efficiently and does not disadvantage any candidates. We are also experts in helping identify and manage succession risks in key leadership roles. Our extensive experience in benchmarking and engaging with diverse talent means we can offer a highly strategic approach using detailed and targeted insight.

Market insight

Having a diverse leadership is absolutely key to driving competitive market advantage. Businesses that don’t have people who can understand and empathise with their customers, staff, supply chains and the communities in which they operate, will struggle to really understand their needs and will therefore be at a disadvantage.

At Zyna, our robust research methodology enables us to provide you with in-depth intelligence and critical analysis on the market, the talent landscape and competitors so that you can make better-informed decisions.

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